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Become a Private Investigator

Being a good private investigator means that you are going to gather information and critical intelligence through the use of tradecraft; by talking to people (interviewing and taking statements), watching people and places (surveillance), researching the backgrounds of people, businesses and events (background investigations) and of course, you are going to have to find people (skip tracing).

Everything we know about these subjects has carefully been documented- you will get up to speed very quickly from our decades of experience developed through hard fought battles and trial & error.

Being a successful private investigator, however, requires much more than just tradecraft. You have to know the ins and outs of this business; you have to be armed with a wealth of unusual and impossible to find information and understand the business of private investigation. What about ethics and the laws that govern private investigators?

Yes, we cover all of that in our online course but we’ve even taken it a huge step farther. Please visit our partner site to learn how to become a Private Investigator. Become a Private Investigator

Become a Bounty Hunter

The business of bail enforcement is changing at break-neck speed. This highly lucrative type of assignment often captures the imaginations of many would-be bounty hunters who do not know where to acquire a working knowledge of this industry, which can often seem VERY secretive. These secrets are the only thing that separates those who go on to succeed in this business and those who will fail.

Our course is designed to first teach and develop basic operating techniques and methods to easily locate and arrest bail-secured fugitives and then to build upon that foundation by sharing the most important secrets of our industry with you in a manner that cuts out years of the old learning process.

Please visit our partner site to learn how to become a Bounty Hunter. Become a Bounty Hunter

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